Influencer’s guide: salary, steps, objectives

Influence on social networks has become a real profession, which allows some content creators to make a living out of it. We help you to see more clearly on the remuneration that you can expect working on an online platform and on the ways to make your income grow.

What is the salary of an influencer?

This is a tricky question, as the criteria to take into account are so varied. From one influencer to another, incomes can go from a few dozen euros for a publication to several thousand euros. It all depends on the number of subscribers, the field in which the influencer works, his public notoriety, the social networks on which he is active, the brands with which he collaborates, and so many other things.

However, some studies have managed to determine some figures. Thus, below 10,000 followers on Instagram or Facebook, a post earns on average between 50 and 150 euros, and the price can climb to 1,000 euros between 10,000 and 100,000 followers and reach almost 20,000 euros for influencers who have a community of more than 500,000 followers. On Twitter, the income per publication is about half as high, while it is the YouTube videos that bring in the most money (sometimes several thousand euros, even for micro or macro influencers). 

As the remuneration is generally based on the number of posts, videos, stories, etc., one can estimate his monthly income according to the frequency of publications and the amount of money each one brings in.

On MYM, the way it works is a bit different, since the influencers are paid by their fans, according to the content they propose, the private media they make, their number of subscribers, etc. This allows them to earn from 2000 euros per month, to more than 200 000 euros per month for the most active and most followed.

But if these sums can make you dream, you should not forget that in reality, the competition is tough and that it is not always easy to get partnerships. And it is sometimes necessary to be patient before being authorized to broadcast remunerative ads on your account (minimum number of subscribers required for example), which will feed the influencer’s salary.

It is also worth noting that some remunerations are sometimes made in kind, through products offered in exchange of a post for example. For influencers who have another activity in parallel and for whom the passion economy is complementary, this can be very interesting.

How to develop your activity as an influencer?

To grow your influencer’s salary (which is not a real salary, since it is an independent activity), several options are possible. They must be thought in a logic of coherence and evolutionary development, in order to build your activity little by little, as one would do with any business.

One of the objectives may be to grow the community, as a company would seek to increase the number of its customers. To do this, it is important to understand how the social networks in which we work work in order to get better visibility (use of hashtags, creation of content according to the expectations of Internet users, publication at specific times, etc.). You can also decide to use other platforms to reach a wider audience. The audience that watches videos on YouTube is not necessarily the same as the one that is used to scrolling through photos on Instagram for example. Still, target users can be found on either platform.

An influencer may also seek to expand the types of content he or she provides. This can be done by publishing content in new formats (videos, stories, photos, blog posts, etc.). In this way, it is possible to increase the rate of engagement and reach more users, while continuing to live by the concept of the passion economy. And this will of course encourage brands to enter into partnerships for product placements and communication campaigns.

The development of the activity to increase one’s salary as an influencer can also go through the diversification of the profession. An influencer with a passion for photography who started on Instagram by posting his or her shots may decide to sell his or her photos, just as a fashion influencer may choose to create her own clothing brand. 
The creative economy in the digital world offers such opportunities that each influencer can find several ways to monetize their content and diversify their business over the months and years.