How to make money with social networks?

If for many users, social networks are entertainment and information platforms, for others, they represent an interesting marketing tool for their business. You would like to take advantage of this opportunity offered by the digital world to make money or to make it your main activity? Here are some tips and tricks to generate income thanks to digital platforms!

Join the MYM community to make money with social networks !

If we often mention Instagram and YouTube to earn money online, you should know that there are also platforms with private access, allowing you to earn money with social networks in a fair way thanks to your digital content.

However, the concept is quite different from other social media, since it is more of a creative economy, where creators and influencers sell their content and access to their page directly, without going through affiliation or advertising. On a platform like MYM, creator account holders can create a privileged relationship with their followers and earn money in various ways: through subscriptions, paid content unlocking, monetized private media publishing on demand, etc.

Become a digital influencer to monetize your content

Influencers are more and more present on the web and on the famous social networks, sometimes with millions of subscribers. And if they are more and more numerous to try the experience, it’s because being an influencer allows to earn money with social networks in various ways:

  • on YouTube, from 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views, you can have paid advertising appear on your videos, sell Stickers to your fans, monetize the subscription to the channel, etc., and the techniques are quite similar on the Twitch platform;
  • on Instagram, the trend is to make sponsored posts and affiliate with brands to present products online, or even become an ambassador (by earning a commission) ;
  • with Facebook, but also Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other networks, it is also possible to make money with social networks by selling your account (the price is set according to the number of followers, the rate of engagement, the revenue generated, etc.).

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities of the passion economy, becoming an influencer is therefore a very good option, provided you manage to reach the right audience and build loyalty.

Create an online store on a social network to generate revenues

Today, social networks are no longer just platforms where you can publish photos, texts and videos. They also offer practical and easy to use solutions to sell products.

Under certain conditions, you can for example create a merchandising section on your YouTube channel, create a store on your Instagram and Facebook accounts, etc. For some brands already selling physical products, the network becomes an additional tool. But these stores can also be an opportunity for a painter, a photographer or a musician to enter the economy of passion and earn money with social networks by doing what they love and monetizing it online.

Promote your business through social media

A social network is also a good way to promote products, content and services offered on other platforms (blog, website, e-commerce store, etc.) or in physical stores. Today, few companies, even very small ones, can do without digital networks to promote themselves and their offer. 

Within your marketing strategy, creating and maintaining social accounts allows you to reach a large and relevant target, to propose engaging photo, text and video content, to set up a dialogue with subscribers, etc. In the end, this should help you increase your customer base and retain existing customers, which will undeniably make you earn money with social networks (even if you sometimes have to invest in online advertising).