How to become an influencer for a brand?

To earn money thanks to their activity on social networks, influencers can, among other things, sign partnerships with brands that pay them to promote their products and services. But before hoping to work in collaboration with a brand, you must have enough influence with users and meet the expectations of the brand in question. Here are some tips to seduce brands and stand out among the thousands of influencers on Instagram, TikTok or another social network.

The prerequisites to become an influencer for a brand

Before taking any steps to become an influencer for a brand and make a living out of it, your social media accounts must be attractive enough. Here are some rules to respect to put all the chances on your side and enter the passion economy.

A committed community

We often think, wrongly, that it is enough to have thousands or even millions of followers for a brand to decide to create a partnership. Of course, the size of the community is important, because it is a way for a company to reach a very large audience. But it is especially important that the engagement rate of the followers is high (above 1%). This means that there must be at least 1 interaction (like, comment, reaction to a story, etc.) on a publication, for every 100 people who have seen this publication or for every 100 subscribers. To achieve this, you need to know how to use hashtags wisely, publish at the right time, create attractive visuals (photos and videos), set up polls or content that encourages action, integrate Internet users into the Creative Economy via participatory marketing, etc.

An image and an audience that match the needs of the brand

If you have a lot of followers and an average or even good engagement rate, you also have to think about your image as an influencer. Indeed, to become an influencer for a brand, your accounts must reflect the image of the brand and/or bring it added value. And it’s the same with your audience: it must correspond to the one the brand wants to reach. 

Regular and qualitative content

Publishing frequently is a prerequisite to create engagement with subscribers, but also to reassure companies about your professionalism. It is also important to create quality content, both in content and form, so that brands have confidence in the way you will promote their products or services.

Authenticity and passion

To become an influencer for a brand, it is also important to show that you talk about what you love, with knowledge and passion. For a brand, it is indeed dangerous to advertise with an influencer who lacks credibility, who does not master his subject and who lacks authenticity. On the contrary, the passion economy is now the focus of influencer marketing: companies are looking for influencers who will naturally talk about their products and promote them with a real interest.

Methods to seal partnerships with brands

Whether it’s through promotional codes, sponsored videos or even contest publications in collaboration with a brand, a partnership is created either through the influencer’s canvassing or through the company’s.

Canvassing companies

Influencers who are just starting out, but have a growing community, can start canvassing brands that interest them. To do so, you need to establish a list of companies whose identity and products are consistent with your online image (and which could interest your subscribers!). Then, you have to contact them, justifying your desire to become an influencer for this brand:

  • why did you choose this brand ;
  • what is your audience (number and profile of followers);
  • what is your positioning;
  • what type of content do you offer on Instagram, Facebook or another social network;
  • what can you bring to the brand;
  • what brand promotion tools are you willing to put in place, etc.

Of course, as in any business, many requests will seal with failure. So you have to be patient and determined, and adjust your strategy to become an influencer for a brand if you only get negative feedback.

Responding to brand requests

If your community is large enough and/or reaches a niche and your content is qualitative, brands may come to you. In this case, you are in a position of strength, since it is the brand that seeks to seduce you. Be careful on several points:

  • Are the company’s products/services and values in line with your image and with your subscribers’ expectations?
  • What kind of marketing publications would the company like you to produce, and are you capable of doing so?
  • Is this a one-shot advertisement or a long-term partnership?
  • What are the terms of the contract, in terms of number of publications, method and rate of payment, etc.?

In short, it is not a question of rushing headlong into the slightest proposal, but of studying it to be sure of keeping coherence and of being able to honor both the expectations of the brands and those of the Internet and mobile users who follow you.