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MYM est le réseau social privé n°1 en France !

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Now that you know how to create an account on MYM, it’s time to get started and start publishing your first content. But how does MYM work? And how does having an account on MYM benefit you as a content creator? Read on to find out!

So, how does MYM work?

MYM welcomes creators from a variety of different genres. The platform works by giving you the power to monetize your content. As a content creator or influencer, using MYM is a great way to make money from your passions, interests, and various talents while connecting closely with your fanbase in an exclusive and unique way. No matter how many fans you have, you can earn money on MYM using the site’s monetization features. These include:

Subscriptions, which allow you to condition access to your content in exchange for a paid subscription 

Push media, which allows you to diversify your income in addition to the paid subscriptions offered

Tips, a feature that allows your subscribers to show you that they appreciate your content.

Private media that allow you to offer personalized and paid content to your subscribers. 

Also, soon with the arrival of live streaming on the platform, you will be able to show your talents to your fans in real time. 

What content and how to publish it on MYM? 

On your MYM page, you can publish a wide range of content, such as how-to videos, behind-the-scenes footage, tutorials, masterclasses, live shows, news, vlogs and creative projects.

In addition, you can use some of the platform’s features to plan your content, keep your account active and reach your goals. You can ask your fans what they’d like to see from you using the polling feature, and you can review your stats to see where your fans are in the world and create more personalized content. Plus, you can schedule content in advance with MYM’s scheduling feature, so you can keep your page active even if you’re away or unavailable. And if you don’t know what to post, our “Content Ideas” guide will help motivate and inspire you, so you can keep creating and posting for your audience.

What are the best ways to promote your MYM account?

There are many ways to promote your MYM account to grow your audience on the platform. You can cross-promote your MYM account on all your other social networks and online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…Collaborations with other MYM creators like you are also very effective in drawing attention to your page and growing your community. Online discussion sites and forums are also very effective and can attract fans looking for very specific content that you offer. Also, consider self-promoting through your website or blog and using newsletters or emailing to let people know that you have a MYM account with exclusive content. And finally, the paid subscription but with a discount to encourage the purchase and increase the loyalty of your community in the long term. Promoting your account is beneficial because it allows you to bring your existing fan base to MYM, as well as attract new subscribers.

Overall, MYM is a platform with a number of built-in features that will help you showcase your exclusive content in the best way possible and make money!