Create content on the web with MYM

Would you like to discover a new way to create online content and become an influencer by following a different business model than the ones offered on the most famous platforms? MYM could be just what you're looking for: here are the keys to publishing your first web content on our private network and expanding your community.

What kind of web content can be published on the MYM platform?

When you want to make your passion your job and follow the trend of the passion economy, you want to be able to publish diverse content that allows you to express yourself as you wish. That’s why MYM offers many formats to create web content: photos, videos, lives and stories, with even the possibility to discuss via groups or private chats

You have a whole range of media available on our platform, allowing you to create sports coaching videos, share recipes, share good deals, talk about your daily life, etc.

How to optimize the visibility of your content and the notoriety of your MYM account?

As for the SEO referencing of a website in Google search results, MYM uses an algorithm to propose content to its users. And to maximize the visibility of your web content, a few simple rules must be respected:

  • remember to write a comprehensive and clear profile;
  • propose quality content in terms of form and content (HD images for example);
  • publish frequently, be active;
  • post a profile photo that shows your face;
  • avoid text content and emojis;
  • make public posts that are open to everyone, so that they can appear on fans’ news feeds.

In short, the MYM platform relies on the authenticity, regular presence and quality of creators’ content to boost them with fans.

In addition to these recommendations, you also need to be proactive to acquire new subscribers. Of course, talk about what drives you, your passions and your know-how, but also think about offering web content relevant to your target.

To develop your model based on the passion economy, don’t hesitate to promote your MYM creator account on your other social accounts. Our advice: offer exclusive content on MYM and let people know about it on your Instagram page, your Twitter account, your blog posts, etc. This will make your followers curious about the new things you have to offer.

Finally, you can entice users to convert to subscribers via two effective methods offered by our private online platform:

  • publish push offers, addressed to your former subscribers or to fans who have expressed an interest in your account;
  • Set up targeted coupons, so that users get a discount on their subscription or on your media.

Why choose MYM to publish online content?

With MYM, you remain in control of your web content! You have all the keys in hand to decide which media are open to all users, which are reserved for your subscribers and posted on your account or via a grouped message, and which private media you want to make. 
This way, you have the ability to create compelling web content to grow your community, and then monetize all other content as you see fit, according to your own marketing strategy. This not only allows you to get a fair income, which you set, but also to create a special relationship with your followers. No more mass creative economy: you produce web content for people who are really interested and you respond to creative requests, just like a web copywriter or a freelance web designer would.