Become an influencer? With MYM, it’s possible!

Today on social networks, you can find influencers in all fields, from beauty to car mechanics, through cooking, fashion, sports or lifestyle. And for many people, this job is a dream, because it allows them to combine their passion with a lucrative activity, while enjoying a certain notoriety. Although the competition is increasingly fierce to get a place on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook and to become a recognized influencer, it remains within your reach. The only condition is that you know how to propose good content and manage to generate sufficient income. This is what MYM can help you do with its private social network, which is full of advantages for creators and their fans!

Why become an influencer?

If the job of influencer is so popular today, it can be for very different reasons depending on the person:

  • to earn a lot of money a priori “easily” ;
  • to receive gifts from brands during partnerships;
  • to become famous;
  • to share one’s knowledge and skills;
  • to live from one’s passion (what we call the “passion economy”).

And sometimes, it’s a little bit of all this at the same time! Nevertheless, it is important to know that becoming an influencer is not always as easy as you might think. It requires commitment, time, technical and marketing skills, relational qualities, etc., before being able to make a living out of it. 

How to get started in the digital influence adventure?

Any future influencer must take the time to establish a real strategy before publishing his or her first content. The idea is to succeed in producing relevant content that will seduce Internet users and mobile users and make them want to subscribe, share and follow the account regularly (or even buy products from partner brands). And for that, you have to go through different essential steps of any business creation, which we will resume here in the main lines.

Building a brand identity

If you want to become an influencer, the first thing to do is to think of yourself as a company and therefore create your own identity. This will prevent you from spreading yourself too thin, bring consistency and allow you to address the right target. For example, you can determine the style of your videos (humorous, tutorial, poetic, etc.), what subjects you will deal with, what logo you could choose if necessary, etc. 

Study your target audience

Before launching your first publications, you need to determine which themes you will address. And for that, you have 2 options:

  • focus your activity on the passion economy model, talking about things you like and that reflect your personality, and addressing people who are really interested in these same subjects;
  • analyze current trends, to propose content that meets consumers’ expectations.

The risk with this second solution is to get carried away by the mass economy and to move away from what drives you on a daily basis.

But in any case, you’ll have to define which audience you want to reach, in order to match your brand image, your types of posts and the platforms you use with the profiles of your potential followers.

Develop a business model

An influencer can earn money in different ways: subscription, affiliation, online advertising, sale of products and services, etc. Each influencer can define the way he or she wants to be paid, but it also depends on criteria such as the number of subscribers or the community’s engagement rate. When you want to become an influencer, it is therefore important to find the right compromise to get the expected income, whether it is a complementary income to another activity, average income or larger sums of money.

Choose the right platforms

Depending on the target (young or old? Web or mobile users? Fans of short videos or more in-depth content, etc.?) and your artistic and technical skills, you’re not necessarily going to need to use the same tools and social networks to build your community. Instagram is ideal for posting photos and short videos, while YouTube allows for longer content and a blog will be ideal for recipes or fashion reviews for example. 

It can therefore be interesting to create accounts on several of these platforms, while making sure you can provide enough content (unique or relayed) on each of them.

Offer interesting and qualitative content

Once your marketing strategy is well defined, you can start publishing content and become an influencer for good. Make sure to post photos, texts, videos, lives and/or podcasts that add value to users and that will encourage them to comment and share.

Why register on MYM as a content creator?

If you’ve read the previous paragraphs, you’ll have understood that to become an influencer, you need to have a large enough audience, a committed community, a platform that allows you to post all types of content and that pays fairly. Good news: that’s what MYM combines!

A large audience at your disposal

In 2022, MYM has more than 6 million users, with more than 5000 new members every day. This makes it the number one private social network in France. It is therefore an ideal platform to start in the world of influence, with the certainty of being able to reach an audience that corresponds to you and to quickly gain followers.

Support and advice to succeed as an influencer

As a newbie, it’s not always easy to know what the right behaviors to adopt are, how to increase your visibility or how to build a loyal community. That’s why MYM has a customer service by phone and email, but also a support site with the most frequently asked questions, as well as tutorials to exploit the platform’s full potential. However, you can complement this help with training in digital marketing and communication, to put all the chances on your side.

Varied formats and personalized content

Where some social networks limit themselves to a few types of content, MYM offers a real diversity of formats to become an influencer. According to your desires and those of your fans, you can post lives, videos, photos, stories, chats, etc. In addition, it is possible to publish public media, subscriber-only media and private media (the latter two being monetized). In addition to the content you choose to produce yourself, your fans can ask you to propose private content, to which only they will have access. The relationship is therefore personalized and authentic, which makes the activity all the more interesting for the influencer, and much more engaging for the fans.

A fair and attractive remuneration

As a content creator on MYM, if you are regular and you manage to stand out, becoming an influencer guarantees you to earn money. Indeed, where influencers on other social networks can take a long time to make a living out of their passion, or even never take off despite interesting content, influencers on MYM are paid by their community for the content they produce (and not by advertising for example). The influencer’s job is now fully in line with the creative economy: it’s your content, the direct result of your work, that allows you to make a living and you are free to set the price of your media.